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#In-Ukrainian: video tutorials with Tatyana Tsoy are available with support of Gennadii Vykhodtsev

3 February, 2022 - 12:42

In January 2022, Tatiana Tsoy, a modern Ukrainian writer, presented the first video from the new series of lessons about the language “Speak Ukrainian properly!” for Youtube channel users.

– In 2022, we are switching to a new format of lessons “Speak Ukrainian properly!”, Tatiana Tsoi starts her speech. – I am a Ukrainian author. My mission is to have a lot of Ukrainian in everyday life, on vacation, at work.

In the updated lesson format, the writer explains the spelling of the loanword "retail" (because a significant part of her professional activity is related to trade), names its synonyms, regional substitute words, and then gives examples of their use from her own book "I don’t care what people will say”.

The speaker is Tatiana Tsoi, who works as the corporate secretary of the FOXTROT Group of Companies (GKF). The video lesson was created by the GKF specialists with the support of Gennadii Vykhodtsev, the chairperson of the founders’ council of the GKF.

The company has an established language policy: signed by Gennadii Vykhodtsev, on December 6, 2017, the GKF adopted an order “About language policy in the FOXTROT Group of Companies”. And already in 2020, Tatyana Tsoi, who is the author of the fiction novels "I don’t care what people will say”(2019) and "I don’t care what people will say. Sisters” (2021) actively joined the implementation of the Ukrainian language in the corporate space of the GKF.

The speaker is Tatiana Tsoi

With the Tatiana’s Tsoi participation, a series of 11 lessons about infographics and 12 videos "Speak Ukrainian properly!" were released in 2020-2021 on the GKF Youtube channel. The lessons about the infographics were distributed through the corporate news feed of the GKF, then were duplicated on the official GKF account on Facebook and YouTube, so the opportunity to speak #in-Ukrainian with Tatiana Tsoi was available to the general public.

In the plans, such lessons will appear monthly on Thursdays and will be part of improving the language practice of employees of the group of companies and strengthening the language corporate culture.

– It is important to form a culture of everyday use of the native language in the workplace, as well as to actively use the Ukrainian language in the trade area, – Gennadii Vykhodtsev commented on the updated Ukrainian lessons from Tatiana Tsoi. – I sincerely hope that the initiative of our colleague Tatyana Tsoi on language video lessons will contribute to the improvement of knowledge and skills in the mother tongue of our compatriots.